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LABIMA Laboratorio di Ingegneria Marittima

Description of LABIMA Wave-Current Flume



The Wave-Current Flume (WCF) of LABIMA - Laboratory of Maritime Engineering is continuously operating since 1980 and the research group has gained top level experiences in experimental methods.

The WCF has been fully rebuilt in 2013 by using the top level state of the art technologies. The WCF has already operated as one of the MARINET installations during the period 2011-2015 and 5 projects, led by international research groups, were conducted successfully.

LABIMA researchers have top level skills with many software for off-shore/near-shore and near-field numerical simulations, among others: DHI-MIKE21, Veri-tech CEDAS, WW3, SWAN, OpenFOAM, Lattice Boltzamnn Method for fluid dynamics and a number of proprietary codes (e.g. PMS equation based solver for refraction-diffraction, Sea State generation, short-term and long-term wave analysis)


The WCF has the following features:

  • 37m long, 0.80m wide and 0.80m deep
  • Adjustable sloping bottom
  • Generation of wave motion with a piston type wave maker
  • Monochromatic and random seas generation up to 0.60m height in deep section
  • Maximum wave height up to 0.35m at 0.5-1.0Hz
  • Bi-directional recirculation system with maximum flow rate of 150l/s
  • Wave-Maker Control and data acquisition: NI LabView, MatLab


Main sensors available include:

  • resistive wave gauges
  • acoustic water surface level gages
  • load cells
  • pressure transducers
  • Acoustic Doppler current profiler
  • electromagnetic flow meter
  • digital video cameras, fast camera.


More information available here:

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