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4th Hands-on course 2024

Hands-on course on experimental and numerical modelling of wave-structure interaction


We are pleased to announce the 4th edition of the Training School “Hands-on course on experimental and numerical modelling of wave structure interaction”, to be held in Florence, Italy, from 1st to 5th of July, 2024.

The Training School, co-organized by the Laboratory of Maritime Engineering – LABIMA - of the University of Florence and the developers of the DualSPHysics code, is designed for master’s students, Ph.D. students, young researchers, and professionals interested in wave-structure interaction problems with a focus on modelling wave energy converters.

The hands-on course aims to introduce experimental and numerical modelling approaches for simulating wave-structure interaction, modelled both in the physical wave tank and in its numerical counterpart using DualSPHysics.

More info on the training programme and registration can be found




15 Marzo 2024
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