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LABIMA Laboratorio di Ingegneria Marittima

Research Topics

LABIMA projects fall under the following broad topics.


Wave Energy Utilization


  • Quantification and Characterization of the wave energy availability in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Wave Energy Converter devices development and design optimisation


Port and harbour structures

  • Optimization of port sturctures (sea dikes, sea walls, roubble mound breakwaters, QuaWalls etc.) concerning: stability, overtopping, impact forces;
  • Optimization of port layout by considering the issues related to: inner wave agitation, resonance, crosshore and longshore sediment transport


Coastal Defence Structures 

  • Optimization of the efficiency of floating and submerged breakwaters;
  • Innovative coastal defence stuctures (e.g. geosynthetics filters for dykes and dams, geotextile containers as structural elements in seawalls, breakers or for the construction of artificial dunes for coastal erosion protection).



Dispersion and diffusion of wastewater and industrial outfalls


  • Implementation of the ROMS (Regional Ocean Modeling System) model for the Tuscan Archipelago. 


Development of an instrumented field testing area


  • In situ testing on the performance of coastal protection structures and wave energy converter devices.


Development of wavemaker systems

  • Development of wave generation algorithms;
  • Development of wavemakers' technology to be installed in wave flumes or wave basins.
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