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LABIMA Laboratorio di Ingegneria Marittima


Composite LAboratory PROcess Modelling 

Partecipant Teams:

  • University of Florence: L. Cappietti, P.L. Aminti, I. Crema, A. Esposito
  • Politechnical University of Catalonia: X. Gironella, A. Marzeddu

Project Coordinator: L. Cappietti 

Funds: University of FLorence, Politechnical University of Catalonia 

Project Aims:

At the state of the art in coastal engineering, there is not a general agreement about the meaning of the so called Composite Modelling Approach (CMA) and how to make it a practical concept. In general context it concerns the use of all the available research tolls like theoretical analysis, experiments and numerical models in a "balanced methodology".

We propose a methodology that is based in large-scale models and a small-scale models in order to study a given phenomenon by means of the exploration with high detail of a large range of variability of its characteristic parameters. We call this approach a Composite LAboratory PROcess Modelling (CLAPROM). It requires insight into the problems of scale-effects and laboratory-effects and this can only be acquired through continued scientific research in large and small scale models, exploiting booth research tools to their full extent.


  • Cappietti, L., Gironella, X., Marzeddu, A., 2011. Laboratory experiments on wave-induced fluxes over and through shore-defense detached permeable breakwaters, SI 64 (Proceedings of the 11th International Coastal Symposium), 484 - 487. Szczecin, Poland, ISSN 0749-0208
  • Cappietti L. , Aminti P.L, Sánchez-Arcilla A. , Gironella X. : "Large and small scale experiments on wave transmission at submerged wide-crested breakwaters". Book of Poster Papers of the 31st International Conference on Coastal Engineering, 2008.
  • Cappietti L. , Aminti P.L, Sánchez-Arcilla A. , Gironella X. : "Towards a Composite Laboratory Process Modelling for Wave-Flume Experiments". Proc of. Coastal Structures 2007 Conference, July 2007, Venice, Italy

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