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EsflOWC - Efficiency and survivability of floating OWC moored to the seabed


User group: Ghent University - Belgium (Coordinator), Universidade de Vigo - Spain, IST - Universidade de Lisboa - Portugal

Dates of access to LABIMA16-11-2017/08-12/2017

Project Summary

Floating Oscillating Water Column (OWC) type Wave Energy Converters (WECs), compared to fixed OWC WECs that are installed near the coastline, can be more effective as they are subject to offshore waves before the occurrence of wave dissipation of a nearshore location. The performance of floating OWC WECs has been widely studied using both numerical and experimental methods. However, due to the complexity of fluid-structure interaction of floating OWC WECs, most of the available studies focus on 2D problems with limited Degrees-Of-Freedom (DOF) motion while 3D mooring effects and multiple-DOF motion have not been extensively investigated yet. Therefore, in order to gain a deeper insight of these problems, the present study focuses on wave flume experiments to investigate the motion and mooring performance of a scaled floating OWC WEC model. As a preparatory phase for the present MaRINET2 EsfLOWC (Efficiency & survivability of floating OWC) project completed by the end of 2017, also experiments were carried out in advance in the large wave flume of Ghent University ( The following data has been obtained during these experimental campaigns: multiple-DOF OWC WEC motions, mooring line tensions, free surface elevations throughout the wave flume and close to the OWC WEC and change in the air pressure inside the OWC WEC chamber. The tested wave conditions include regular waves. The data obtained at the wave flume of Ghent University together with the data from the EsfLOWC tests at LABIMA will provide a database for numerical validation of research on floating OWC WECs used by researchers worldwide.

KEWORDS: Floating Wave Energy Converter, Oscillating Water Column, Wave flume experiment, Mooring, MaRINET2 EsfLOWC.


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