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LABIMA Laboratorio di Ingegneria Marittima


EsflOWC - Efficiency and survivability of floating OWC moored to the seabed


User group: Ghent University - Belgium (Coordinator), Universidade de Vigo - Spain, IST - Universidade de Lisboa - Portugal

Dates of access to LABIMA16-11-2017/08-12/2017

Project Aims

The primary objective of the project is to study the fluid-structure interaction between ocean waves and a floating OWC device using moorings. The optimum layout of the mooring system needs to be studied to increase the lifetime of the OWC under extreme wave conditions and to optimize the overall OWC efficiency. In order to achieve the primary objective the project has the following specific objectives:
  • At short-term, we will generate an experimental database, freely available for public use by the scientific community, and containing all significant variables related to floating OWCs (i.e. free-surface elevation and air pressure changes inside the chamber, air flux between the chamber and the atmosphere, tensions in the mooring lines and the motion of the OWC).
  • At medium-term, the data will be used for validation of numerical models used by the project partners and by researchers worldwide.
  • At long-term, the project results will enhance the understanding of the OWC response and its mooring system under high energetic sea states.


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