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LABIMA Laboratorio di Ingegneria Marittima

SPECuWaTT - Structural and Performance Effects of Current and Waves on Tidal Turbine

User Group: University of Sheffield, UK.

Dates of access to LABIMAOctober 2018.

Project Aims: Oceans are hostile environments for engineered structures. Though similar to oil and gas and offshore wind structures, tidal turbines have unique characteristics, and the effect of a lifetime in this environment is currently not well understood. Such an understanding is crucial to the efficient and cost-effective design of tidal turbines. This study will combine knowledge from Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), tank testing and computational modelling, to develop a robust model of the impact of marine conditions on the evolution of device performance and support structure tructural integrity.This will be achieved by testing a scale turbine model in a water channel under the influence of a range of short-term snapshots of environmental conditions taken from hindcast data. (A wave and current hindcast model of the Mediterranean Sea is available at LABIMA. The project will also benefit of the access to these data bases as an e-infrastructure). The resulting effect of each set of conditions on the model will be extracted, and can then be combined to build up long-term cumulative damage models. Any number of combinations of short-term conditions can be used to generate long-term scenarios for current or future climate cases. A scale model with a rotor diameter of the order of 0.5m will be used in this study (exact dimensions will depend on infrastructure).

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