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Topic Tutors Description
Study of the water exchange between the sea and Orbetello Lagoon

Prof. L.Cappietti

Ing. M. Montagni

Definition of the methodology and conduction of the measurements of flow discharge in the Lagoon channels. Analysis of the collected data aimed at quantifying the water exchange between the open sea and the Lagoon.
Numerical study of the hydrodynamics of Orbetello Lagoon 

Prof. Cappietti

Dr. I. Crema

Use of the numerical model developed at LABIMA to simulate different scenarios (e.g. natural circulation, circulation induced by a pump system, evaluation of the effect of different action in the lagoon system management). Analysis and discussion of the results.
Video monitoring and analysis of the overtopping discharge over the breakwater of Marina di Cala dei Medici Harbour (Tuscany)

Prof. Cappietti


The thesis will be conducted within a collaboration with AM3 Spin-Off s.r.l. The video monitoring system has been already installed and is currently working. The aim of the thesis is the development of a methodology to analyse the collected data for obtaining overtopping flow rates.

Development of a Numerical Wave Tank based on Computational Fluid Dynamics Prof. Cappietti

Ing. I. Simonetti

Assisted learning of the Computational Fluid Dynamics software package OpenFOAM. Development of a numerical wave tank and application to the study of maritime structures and/or wave hydrodynamics.


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