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LABIMA Laboratorio di Ingegneria Marittima

Wave-Current Flume Two

Name of the Facility: DICEA-UNIFI Wave-Current Flume Two

Operator: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICEA), University of Florence


Installation Features

The Wave-Current Flume Two (WCF2) of LABIMA - Laboratory of Maritime Engineering (, University of Florence, is going to be operative in 2019. It has been fully designed by LABIMA Team. 

The wave flume has the following characteristics:

  • 52m long, 1.50m wide and 2.00m deep.
  • Generation of wave motion by a piston type wave maker, fully designed by LABIMA TEAM.
  • Monochromatic and random seas generation up to 1.5m height in deep section. 
  • Maximum wave height up-to 1.1m.
  • Bi-directional recirculation system with maximum flow rate of 600l/s (to be operative in 2020).
  • Wave-Maker Control and data acquisition: NI LabView, MatLab.
  • Main instruments: resistive wave gauges,acoustic water surface level gages, load cells, pressure transducers, acoustic doppler current profiler, electromagnetic flow meter, digital video cameras, fast camera, 6DoF video tacking system.
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